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What Is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is one of the many Meridian Tapping Techniques from the Energy Psychology approach to healing.  The Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine modalities of healing are based on utilizing the meridians of energy in the body to holistically heal and maintain wellness.  EFT has been described by its founder, Gary Craig, as a form of psychological acupuncture. For 5,000 years Chinese acupuncturists have been successfully healing people by resolving disruptions of energy within the human meridian energy system. EFT is able to accomplish the same thing, even more effectively, by applying digital tapping on acupuncture points rather than  using needles. By utilizing Spiritual Psychology, Holistic Talk Therapy Techniques to identify the source (trauma or other issue) that is causing the painful memory and its symptoms, an EFT practitioner is able to 'tap' away the energy disruption in the meridian system; thereby releasing the painful perspective of that painful memory. The theory is that the fearful perspective that an individual holds of the traumatic memory may create a dysfunctional neurological response to that memory, thereby creating the traumatic stress which can be manifested in a variety of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms.
By positively reframing the traumatic memory while performing what are called algorithms of tapping ( a sequence of tapping from the top of the head down through approximately a dozen other acupuncture points in the upper body) the painful perception of those traumatic memories (the "frozen fear") can be released and thereby the symptoms, whether emotional, mental or physical, may be eliminated.

Intro to EFT by Gary Craig

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