Veterans Healing Poetry

Introduction to Healing Poetry 

After returning from Vietnam, one of my more positive escapes from the reality of PTSD was writing poetry. My purpose in sharing this poetry now is to provoke thought and emotion in a most postive way.  I hope you find comfort in these words, but if you are triggered by some of the graphic expression, I hope that you will be inspired to seek help from a quaified health professional. It is only by rewitnessing the past, not reliving it, that we can own it and release it.

I hope you enjoy the poetry and I would love to hear any responses or comments. 

Introduction to Gratitude:

I have learned to be grateful for many things over the years. And, although I never thought that I would say this, I am very grateful for the painful experience of being a soldier and a Veteran because without that experience I would not be who I am today. And I would like to share my "Veterans Gratitude Prayer" with all the Soldiers and Veterans of the world and anyone else who is interested because I want everyone to know that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder does not have to be forever.


Veterans Gratitude Prayer         

Dear God thank you for bringing me home alive. Thank you for forgiving me and for helping me forgive myself for all my wartime indiscretions; for all the times I cursed you and blamed you for all of the pain and the suffering that I experienced during and after the war.

Thank you for understanding when I disowned you and I told you that I no longer needed you because I would do whatever I needed to do to bring myself home alive...
Thank you for forgiving me for telling others that I no longer believed in you because a truly righteous God would not allow the atrocities of war to take place.
Thank you for the ultimate awareness that the war and all of the other pain and suffering in my life have been nothing more than painful lessons along my soul journey.
Thank you for giving me the courage, self forgiveness and self love that allowed me to survive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and for the awareness that all of that fearful pain and suffering was your veiled gift of maturity, strength, wisdom and ultimate spiritual consciousness…
I am extremely grateful that my spiritual consciousness has taught me that my authentic self and my free will are the only things that no one can ever take from me and that by exercising my free will to let go of the past, I can create the positive energy of my own health and happiness and I can help other Veterans to do the same.
I'm also very grateful for the enlightenment that wars are not created by God; wars are created by a very human free will that is controlled by ego, avarice and ignorance.
And I am extremely grateful that I can now accept even that knowing without judging it or taking it personally.
Thank you Creator for making me an instrument of peace for myself and for all my fellow Veterans, especially for those who continue to suffer from their war experience.

Don't Hide

Don’t hide, it can be cold inside.

It’s eventually much nicer out here in the open.

Fresh air and hope can really make your day.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem to only visit deep within;

to find all that no longer serves.

Not to re live but to bear witness to the past and

allow ourselves to let it go at last...


Empty Boots 

Those empty boots that I've been carrying for more than 30 years seem to get heavier everyday.

Every memory fills me with anger, sorrow and dismay.

Those boots will never walk again.

Some Day I'll get over it, but when?

I didn't want to carry those boots but I would of wanted him to carry mine.

We never knew when, or if, it would be our day, our time.

I live with the hope that someday maybe I can be free

That the echoes in my mind will only be a faint memory.

We just don't know how to deal

So we shut down so we don't have to feel.

True statistics don't lie

How many more of us have to die?

This war, that war, they are all the same! Please stop the bullshit, the Guilt, the shame and the blame!

Soldiers and veterans are human too, although it seems we've lost part of our soul.

Help us cross this bridge

We've already paid your fucking toll. 


More Poetry Coming Soon! 


I would love to hear your responses or comments!




If you enjoy these readings, I will be releasing a book mid 2014 on healing PTSD naturally that includes more Veterans Healing Poetry with an adjoining workbook.