"When the subconscious mind gives the conscious mind
          permission to access and release painful memories"

The type of hypnosis that I practice is not a form of "stage performance" or "mind control" type of hypnotism that is practiced for entertainment.


The hypnotherapy approach that I practice is a very safe and friendly modality that puts the client into a meditative hypnotic state.  From this meditative hypnotic state my clients are able to access memories that have been locked away as a defense mechanism to protect them from having to deal with the dysfunctional pain of those memories.  As the painful memories are gently accessed, the pain of the memory is released by utilizing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and this allows the client to remember those events without being re-traumatized.   And any limiting beliefs that were adopted by the fear around the painful memories can be reframed and anchored by the power of positive hypnotic suggestion.
Past Life and Regression Hypnotherapy can be very successfully used to liberate clients from fear, phobia, illness, and other mental, physical and emotional challenges caused by traumatic memories that have been locked away since childhood or even from past lives.