My story...

PTSD Does Not Have to be Forever                                                                     
Trained as an Army Engineer, I had been almost-assured that I would not see a lot of action. My first day in the field started with a scenic, helicopter ride over the lush, green Vietnamese jungle. The warm air made my cheeks dance and the  vibration of the whirling blades massaged my whole body. It reminded me of the beautiful, Vietnamese masseuses that I’d heard so much about…

Who knew that only two months later I would be in shock from having to pick up pieces of seven of my good friends. Who knew that it would bother me so much when I saw body bags being  tossed onto a truck like they were sacks of potatoes; that rockets would explode so close to me that I wouldn’t be able to hear for a week; that the ringing in my ears and the smell of burning flesh could last so long; that the memory of killing people would continue to haunt me for so many stressful years.  And who knew that  the pain of experiencing all these traumas was only the tip of the iceberg.

I returned to California in 1969, physically intact but emotionally and mentally very confused, disoriented and distraught. For many years I suspected that something was wrong but for many reasons that I didn't understand I just kept telling myself that I was okay...but I wasn’t. I know now that I was carrying so much guilt that I subconsciously didn’t think that I deserved to feel better. And I was very embarrassed at the thought that something mental or emotional might be wrong with me. For more than 20 years I tried to cope by drinking and drugging myself to sleep every night. And everyday I would try to convince myself that I was okay… When the elation of my daughter’s birth triggered my survivor’s guilt I went into a downward spiral. My brother was finally able to convince me that I needed to ask for help.

During that time I was diagnosed with digestive problems, severe anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and extreme anger issues. The well intentioned VA doctors tried to help. The prescription drugs seemed to calm me somewhat but the side effects also created even more physical and emotional stress and the talk therapy often made me feel worse because they just brought up a lot of painful memories that they couldn’t help me release.

In spite of my up and down struggle with the symptoms of PTSD, I managed to graduate from San Diego State University and attend two years of law school at the People’s College of Law in Los Angeles. While working as a paralegal, I decided that my demeanor was best suited for a more compassionate profession. I enrolled in a Masters program twice but the stress triggered my PTSD and I was not able to continue

After living with Post Trauma Stress Disorder for over 30 years I was able to reclaim my health and happiness through EFT / Energy Psychology Treatments. In the very first 2 hour EFT session I was able to release more painful symptoms than I had in the previous 30 years of traditional therapy and pharmacology.

It wasn’t until after my EFT Treatment that I was able to gain the clarity, focus and self confidence to complete the Spiritual Psychology Masters Program at the University of Santa Monica in Southern California. That was undoubtedly the most enlightening period of my life’s educational journey. That awareness, as well as the memory of my thirty year struggle with the symptoms of PTSD has inspired me to continue my counseling career with an emphasis on Holistic Healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Since my recovery, I have been developing my EFT practice and dedicating myself to assisting Veterans, their families, and anyone else who seeks help to overcome PTSD and regain their positive quality of life. I feel blessed and am very grateful to of had the opportunity to study EFT with the very enlightened founder, Gary Craig and several of the original EFT Masters.

I believe that the documentary “ Operation Emotional Freedom “ not  only does a great job in showing how and why EFT works but is testimonial proof that a results oriented, complementary Technique of
Healing like EFT can and will give PTSD sufferers like myself a new lease on life!

I have been providing EFT treatment to Veterans and others and have been conducting presentations, workshops, and classes on Emotional Freedom Techniques to Vet Centers, Colleges and Community Health Facilities for several years and would be happy to speak to any Veteran who has questions on the totally natural treatment of PTSD with Emotional Freedom Techniques.

"Real Men aren't afraid to cry"