Spiritual Psychology

"Forgiveness is Healing; All Forgiveness begins with Self Forgiveness."      - MGV

Spiritual Psychology is a holistic, non-traditional perspective of compassionately looking at the whole person in terms of psychological evaluation. Sigmund Freud believed that the study of psychology had to do only with the mind and body. Carl Jung and other progressive psychologists did not agree with Freud's opinion.  They offered that in order to heal the whole person, the practitioner would need to take into consideration a person's mind, body and spirit; that was the birth of Spiritual Psychology.

In my opinion, psychological perspectives are merely images or beliefs of self and others.  Many psychologists and  holistic health care practitioners now believe that what the mind believes, the body will eventually believe. In other words, the beliefs that we have of ourselves and others can and often will create the energy of health or illness.

One of the predominant healing tools of Spiritual Psychology is forgiveness: Self Forgiveness and Forgiveness of Others.  I like to refer to this as the " Power of Positive Thought ".  Energy Psychology teaches that negative thought is the biggest interrupter of engery flow in our meridian energy system.  I believe that negative thought creates negative emotion and negative emotion creates negative physical symptoms like stress and eventually pain and illness.  Its very likely that unforgiveness is the unhealthiest of all  fear based, negative emotions.

My interpretation of the difference between spiritual psychology and traditional psychology is that spiritual psychology does not recognize that a person may be damaged or "irreparable", per se. One of the basic Spiritual Psychology tools is "Seeing the Loving Essence" of each person, regardless of the problem or issue that they may be perceived as suffering from. The person is recognized first as the soul, then the physical and emotional body. Therefore, even a person who has been diagnosed with a serious mental, emotional, or even physical disease, can still be seen as a person that is whole and complete and simply has mental, emotional, or physical challenges that can be remedied. In this respect, Spiritual Psychology, from the very onset, is a much more hopeful and compassionately positive process for healing psychological issues and their mental, emotional, and physical symptomatology.